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Thing 24 – Reflections February 25, 2009

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I have finally come to the end of the 25 Things and I must say I have really enjoyed learning about lots of things I had never heard of before. It has been great fun reading the other blogs to see if they were enjoyig it as much as I was (I think Linda is going to need a big lie down after all this, nearly as much as I will, trying to keep up with her posts!!!!)  Pheww!

As some of the other bloggers have already pointed out, 1 hour per week was not nearly enough to do justice to learning about all the different things and maybe a litle more help (idiot instructions) were needed for things like adding pictures, links etc.

My favourite discovery was Facebook, much to my childrens dismay. They think I’m only on there to snoop!! who me?! It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and to share photos, but after last weeks announcement that Facebook have the rights to all photos, videos , content etc I think that it may be a better idea to use Flickr for sharing your photos and videos with your friends and family. I found their website easy to use and had great fun using the mash-ups on there too. You Tube was another time thief. You could loose hours of your time just watching all the great clips on there. I  think Google maps is great for travelling and is really useful for finding addresses in Huddersfield, especially since my daughter started  searching for a house. The Image-generating websites were fun and also when I have more time I will look at  Podcast‘s again and maybe try to download one onto my i-pod.  RSS Feeds I can see as being very useful, if only I had the time to read everything on them…maybe when I’ve retired, but that’s a long way off!! The above things won’t help with my job in the library but it’s useful to know what is going on out there.

The things that I didn’t care too much for were Technorati, Twitter, Google Docs. Twitter, mainly because you already have that covered on Facebook. Google docs because I really can’t see myself needing to use it serouisly for my work (unless I get promoted!!)

Having said all that, I have rather enjoyed my time blogging. Don’t know what I could blog about if I decided to carry on, everyday life can be quite boring and English Lang/Lit wasn’t a strong point for me in my schoolday’s, as you’ve probably already gathered. Thanks to everyone who bothered to read and byeee : )c-morellihud-ac-uk_0841eeef