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Thing 21 January 21, 2009

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For this thing I have signed up to Library Thing  and entered in some of the books I have read within the last few years. Here is a link to my list of books . I’ve actually entered quite a few, but the exact editions shown in the list that comes up when you type in an author isn’t always the one I have read, if you know what I mean..I just picked the first one when it gave loads of different publishers. It’s an easy site to use and I supose reading others comments on what they thought about books you have also read is interesting. I may be tempted to use this site regularly…


One Response to “Thing 21”

  1. desimeleon Says:

    I know what you mean, I started out with the first couple looking for the correct edition but gave up, my will power just wasn’t that strong so most are just a close edition, I suspect this might be why some books in the same series have more followers/members/readers than others

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