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Week 7- Thing 15 December 17, 2008

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For thing 15  I have had a play with Google map. I did enter the Universities post code and looked at this map in all it’s different guises. The pictures on the sattelite map are clear once you are up close enough to recognise things and I think the shot is quite old as the great hall is still there, this is before I worked here so I am not able to date the pic. Have tried to put a link in to the web page but I’m not having any luck, will try again later. I think Google map would be very helpful if you are travelling somewhere new as you can get quite detailed maps. I may try it in the future.


Week 6-Things 12-14 December 12, 2008

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I’ve not had a lot of time to do this, this week as I’ve been a little poorly, but non the less I have managed to do Thing 14 without even realizing it, so that has saved me a bit of time!! The first random article that came up on Wikipedia was about Homity pie, which if you don’t know ( neither did I ) is an open topped vegetable pie containing potatoes, onions and leeks then covered in cheese. It is said to have originated in the second world war when rationing was being imposed. The first topic on the current events page tells us about the Channel Island of Sark holding it’s first democratic elections!! Also the anti-police riots are still taking place in Athens and several other cities throughout  Greece.


Week 5- Play time!! December 5, 2008

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This week I did as I was told and accepted my invite to the Wet Paint thingy. I’ve had a little play around on the site. Don’t understand really what it is!! I managed to add a link (made a mistake the first time, so I had to so it again)to one of my favourite pubs and started a thread. I will have to wait and see if anyone picks it up, ha ha! My favourite thing we have done so far is creating the flickr account. It’s good fun looking at all the different pics on there and playing with the various tools. Here’s to next week when we may have a little more to do.