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Week 3 – Things 8&9 November 19, 2008

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I set up a Google reader account yesterday and spent a bit of time looking at all the various links etc. I now subscribe to either 5 or 6 RSS feeds for various things including the 25 things one, I’ve just got to remember to log on to Google reader to look at them I suppose! Don’t know how helpful it will be to me on a daily basis bacause I don’t look at that many news websites. I did find adding the feeds on Google very straight forward and didn’t encounter any problems which is a first for me after the trials of last week!! Well back to work then and speak to you all soon.


One Response to “Week 3 – Things 8&9”

  1. rebholl Says:

    Hi Cammyz. Yes, the canal boat was moored opposite a lovely pub (The Shady Oak, I think.) We did visit it when we passed both ways!!

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