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Thing 6 November 12, 2008

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Otis July 2006

Originally uploaded by cammyz

well, well, well !! This has only taken me almost 2 whole afternoons to do. If it wasn’t for Trevor I would still be struggling with it. He told me I had to download firefox to be able to blog my photo, because our web browser wasn’t good enough (or something like that!) It’s a good job he was passing through my office or I would still be tearing my hair out ! Hope you like the picture of my little dog and I am now going to try and do thing 7. I hope it doesn’t take as long as this did !!


4 Responses to “Thing 6”

  1. purchasingfairy Says:

    Whatever would we do without him? Trevor I mean, not Otis, though Otis is lovely too!

  2. cammyz Says:

    I know. I’m just glad someone could help me !!

  3. desimeleon Says:

    we just need someone to realize that the university as a whole needs firefox and the web gets better

  4. ukemee Says:

    I recognise that dog – good old Otis, looking sweet and is butter wouldn’t melt…

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