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Thing 11 November 27, 2008

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Thing 11 involves searching through the Technorati website, which is a site dedicated to all things Bloglike. I did searches on the word “Huddersfield” in the posts and tags sections, as instructed and they brought up a variety of results. Our very own Dave Pattern has a blog which showed up on the 2nd page. I also found a library blog which I didn’t know existed!! On a Google blog search on the same word, the first thing that came up was the Universities School of Applied Science followed by the library catalogue. Huddersfield Town F.C featured strongly in the results also. Shame they can’t win a match at the moment. I hope things improve for them when they finally get a new manager!!


Week 4 – Thing 10 November 25, 2008

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For thing 10 this week, we have to look at the world of Tagging. I’ve had a look on the website and searched for a few tags including Huddersfield and someone has actually tagged the library catalogue page!!  Me personally I probably wouldn’t use any site for bookmarking my favoutites, I’m quite happy using the favoutites tab on the toolbar with folders for any that I have more than a couple of. I didn’t set up  an account with because I more than likely wouldn’t use it!!


Week 3 – Things 8&9 November 19, 2008

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I set up a Google reader account yesterday and spent a bit of time looking at all the various links etc. I now subscribe to either 5 or 6 RSS feeds for various things including the 25 things one, I’ve just got to remember to log on to Google reader to look at them I suppose! Don’t know how helpful it will be to me on a daily basis bacause I don’t look at that many news websites. I did find adding the feeds on Google very straight forward and didn’t encounter any problems which is a first for me after the trials of last week!! Well back to work then and speak to you all soon.


Thing 7 – Mash-ups November 13, 2008

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I have been looking at the different ways that people have been using the flickr website for creating their own mash-ups (if that’s the right way to put it!). I quite enjoyed using the spell with flickr but have annoyed myself because I wanted to add it to this blog but I am struggling (again) to do it!cAMMYZ

I think I have done it !! Hope it’s still on here when I publish this, it’s taken me ages.

I also enjoyed the Multicolor Search Lab where you can pick any colour you like and it will show images of that colour found on the flickr website. Pheww, thank goodness that’s it for this week, I can go home and have a much deserved rest now……till next week then and some more THINGS!!!!

Sorry, I don’t know how to get rid of all this space under here!! Any help will be much appreciated



















Thing 6 November 12, 2008

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Otis July 2006

Originally uploaded by cammyz

well, well, well !! This has only taken me almost 2 whole afternoons to do. If it wasn’t for Trevor I would still be struggling with it. He told me I had to download firefox to be able to blog my photo, because our web browser wasn’t good enough (or something like that!) It’s a good job he was passing through my office or I would still be tearing my hair out ! Hope you like the picture of my little dog and I am now going to try and do thing 7. I hope it doesn’t take as long as this did !!


Week2-Thing 6

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I have managed to create my flickr account and upload some of my rather dated photos, which I quite conveniently happened to have on my work computer, lucky for me!! I am hopefully, going to add a picture of my little dog, Otis, who is now two and a half years old and a whole lot bigger, (though not a large dog). I don’t know how people have them time to do all this stuff, because it is taking me rather a long time to do it all , more like 2 hours a week I should say. It takes me ages to put my photos on my own computer at home never mind this!! Having said that I am finding it rather interesting. I have been trying for ages to put my photo on here, I will just have to have another go tomorrow and hope it works then!!


The start of Week 2 November 10, 2008

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Ok, this week for thing 5 , I have to look on the Flickr website, learn about tags, groups etc, then browse through the pictures and find something that interests me and include a link to it, so here goes I chose this particular picture because I have one quite like this one at home, but mine is rather better looking in my opinion, but then I am biased. My next thing will be to download some of my own images onto the website so you will then be able to see for yourself.